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A GROUP class is being scheduled for November 2023!  This class will be 20 hours of instruction, and include SVH Level 1, the Creative Programming and Calibrations Class, and the Grail Mysteries Class.  



               Saturday 4 November – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

               Saturday 11 November – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

               Saturday 18 November – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

                Saturday 2 December – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

                Saturday 9 December – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

                Saturday 16 December – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

                Saturday 30 December – 9am-12pm Pacific Time

COST of 3 Classes in Group Format: $1,333 paid in advance.

Class Descriptions below.

You can read more about SVH here

SVH Level 1 – 12 hours

  • Do you find yourself wishing you had the tools to clear issues in the moment, while life is happening?
  • Do you wish you could support friends and family with difficulties?
  • Do you long for a profession where you can help people and the planet evolve, and work stress-free, flexible hours from home or anywhere in the world by phone

The Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique® is the most advanced healing modality of our time and is a mastery tool which will assist you in releasing issues, limiting beliefs and blockages that are preventing you from living the life you wish to live.

The tools and techniques are very simple for anyone to use, even if you do not consider yourself to be psychic. This healing modality is easy to access and open for anyone to harness, and can be learned in only a few hours, putting you in the driver’s seat of your life.

The foundational tools taught in this course can be used to release barriers and blocks to reaching personal goals, attracting honoring relationships, acquiring wealth, supporting physical healing and eliminating non-serving habits.  This modality can create new patterns of safety, heal broken relationships, and quiet mind chatter and rumination.

The Serenity Tools work outside of the space time continuum to sweep through your life to incidences that laid foundations of limitation that are currently impeding your personal expansion and freedom from drama, trauma and inequity.

You will learn how to sweep through your life to each time negative or limiting situations laid foundations of imbalance that still affect you today. In each of those moments, the Serenity Tools can be used to re-pattern, rewrite and rescript the coding of countless issues, events, karmic energies and other limitations that affect your confidence, safety and prosperity.

By healing yourself through the use of quantum level reprogramming, you are affecting yourself on a molecular level and can heal your DNA, your genetic issues and other things which are programmed into your genetic software.

The Level One course consists of twelve contact hours (one two hour class per week over a six week period, conducted over Zoom) along with homework to help you to master this technique on your own. You will also be provided with the 250 page Level 1 workbook before the commencement of your first class.

After completing this course you will receive a certificate of completion and will be certified to be an SVH Practitioner and use these tools in your practice or healing ministry.

What do you learn in SVH Level 1?

You Learn the Foundational Concepts and Serenity Tools that….

  • Connect you with your Inner Power Source a/k/a your Higher Self
  • Help you discover your autonomy and sovereignty
  • Teach you Quantum Level Reprogramming so you can easily and gracefully re-script vast stores of negative formatting from genetic, life and soul experiences
  • Give you the Keys to Mastery, which automatically release blocks to health, happiness, peace, prosperity, loving relationships, and much more
  • Show you how to play with the illusion of time, rolling back and forth to the past and future with a technique that can re-format imbalances
  • Allow you to create your own unique Protocols to implement healing, sovereignty, and balance in any area of your life
  • Sweep away negativity with ease, grace, and harmony
  • Elevate your vibrational light quotient, awaken and activate your innate gifts, and bring you serenity

You will also receive a beautiful clearing and guided visualization called Angelic Rebirthing, that reprograms your conception, gestation and birth to release any trauma and imbalance, rescripting it with a beautiful and harmonious birthing experience.  There is a large body of work that suggests that birth trauma creates many imbalances in our lives.

Course Fee:

One-on-one where we work through your issues together while you learn

$1,500 for one-on-one training  by Zoom – payable in advance, OR Group training outlined at top of page.

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You can read more about SVH here.

What people say about SVH

“It’s incredible how quickly experiences, perceptions, and the overall nature of life shift into the most beautiful and miraculous direction with the effortless use of these tools.”

“And here’s what is true for me: SVH effects deeper, faster, more lasting results than any other system that can be taught. It is THE means to experience miracles every single day. SVH brings about an integration of mind, body and spirit that is nothing short of life-giving. I do not say this lightly: I experience profound changes in my life every single day as the direct result of SVH”

“Serenity Vibration Healing® has helped me by heightening the awareness of my purpose for being here on earth, a purpose that I have been searching and yearning for most of my adult life. Doors of opportunity have opened when I have been ready. Journeys I never dreamt of such as world healing missions with wonderful like-minded people. I have been involved in many healing and energy modalities and all of them have been leading up to this wonderful modality that is Serenity


Creative Programming and Calibrations Course (SVH Course) - 4 hours

Learn how to use SVH to vibrationally calibrate crystals and jewelry, and to instill angelic blessings into scented mists, sprays and massage oils in a few seconds.  Vibrationally stamp sacred symbols and healing energies into everything from bed sheets and pillows to drinking glasses for yourself, clients, children the elderly and people that are depressed or physically ill.

Use pre-set SVH calibration templates and directives from this course to work directly with Creator and the angels and guardians of clients and family members, to instill angel figurines, religious statues, worry stones and crystals with special protections that activate angelic interventions and help to create safe spaces.

Imagine giving a small crystal or stone to a worrier or someone that feels unsafe. Calibrate stones in three seconds, to activate angelic interventions and safety protocols with one touch. A frightened child can reach into their pocket to touch the stone you calibrated…and instantly be surrounded by guardian angels.

Instill your beloved animal’s food and water bowls with blessings and calibrate your pots and pans to elevate and bless the foods cooked in them.

Artists can calibrate their paint brushes to inspire creativity or their paintings to be numerologically and vibrationally aligned with the higher consciousness and soul of viewers, to inspire vibrational alignment with prosperity, to awaken spiritual expansion, or radiate harmony into the home. Purchasers of art can define what they want Creator to radiate from their paintings.  In the same way, musicians can calibrate their instruments and voices to transmit blessings and specific healings to the listeners of their music.

A garden statue can be calibrated to transmit a non-manipulative message to the higher consciousness and soul of anyone that comes within range of it, reminding them that they are love…while Creator transmits to their heart consciousness…the exact message their heart longs to hear.

Calibrate crystals and place them at entry points to your land or home, plant calibrated crystals in the ground to neutralize destructive ley lines and negative vortexes. Crystals can be calibrated with special house blessings to purge old energies of illness, sadness and traumas. Crystals can be calibrated to hold and radiate positive energy and to block negative energies.

There are endless possibilities for these concepts and templates to help you and others. Many people prefer to have a calibrated stone to block negative energies. Each time they touch that stone to block negativity they are building good habits, because they remember in that moment to stay positive and to fuel positive outcomes.

COST: $500 one-on-one or $222 for Group

Grail Mysteries Course (Non-SVH course) - 4 hours

The Grail Mysteries course is the result of the Ancient Mysteries of the Grail that were downloaded to me on my 5 year spiritual pilgrimage in the South of France.  It really goes to the core of how to create, whether that be a piece of art, literature or music, a meal, your living space, a project, or simply creating your day each and every day.  These are all acts of creation and we’re all doing it all the time.  

And there is a plethora of manifestation information out there, but what I was shown is that it is very unbalanced, just as most of our spiritual traditions are still unbalanced.  So, a lot of people know that choosing your thoughts creates your life..and that is true it is part of the process, but there are other elements to the puzzle.  

To truly become a master at manifesting what you dream of, you have to be working with all the 4 elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth.  Most traditions teach only the Air and Fire (think the thoughts you want to manifest and then act), but that leaves out half the equation.  You may sometimes get what you wanted, but it can feel ‘skin deep’.

Living a life of mastery involves balancing the past and the future, being able to flow freely between parts of you that are more than ready for change, and other parts that are clinging to security.  You also learn to see the world and yourself, through different eyes, allowing the river of life to flow through you.

This course teaches you how to:

  • find and embrace the parts of yourself that had to be abandoned in childhood in order for survival
  • learn to recognize how your inner child communicates and to start attuning to him/her, and soothing yourself
  • learn to go towards what you’ve been taught to run from, allowing you to feel much more grounded, safe, present and less afraid
  • use SVH to do the clearings necessary IN THE PAST when the events occurred which resulted in you having to banish certain parts of yourself
  • how to read the signs of what the Universe is constantly showing you…breadcrumbs leading you back home
COST: $500 one-on-one or $222 for Group

SVH Level 1 Mastery(SVH Course) - 12 hours

This course is designed to propel your efficiency in the use of the Serenity Tools. It builds upon the Level 1 Serenity Tools and helps you to become confident with the inner mechanisms of SVH®. You learn how to quickly and easily apply many shortcuts that allow you to accomplish more in less time. In this course you will learn to…

  • Automate the SVH® steps and pre-designed sequences for your own personal use or to use with family, friends, and clients
  • Create comprehensive, master files intended for deep clearing and healing on all levels of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – for any application that you choose
  • Release commonly held mis-truths in society that subconsciously weigh you down and hold you back needlessly and unnecessarily
  • Strengthen your mind from the harmful hypnotic effects of mass media, TV, movies, video games, and music and be in-charge of your own destiny
  • Discover the power of a technique that effectively mutes out the causes of imbalances just like the button on your TV remote control
  • Go within, experience and explore the restorative powers of glorious healing chambers that rely on the power of energy, light and color to restore health and vitality
  • Gain access to dozens of special Trigger Processes, which bring you detailed and extensive interventions that are implemented in seconds upon your command, going to work for you immediately
  • Experience the awe of reverently guided visualizations that will give you an opportunity to interact with the Creator in a very special way and leave you filled with serenity, love, and inner power
COST: $1,500 one-on-one