My Mission

As a certified SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing®) Practitioner and Womb Priestess, my mission and passion is to support women to claiming their Queenhood!  The Queen archetype to me is the woman deeply connected to her wildness, the songs and rhythms of her body and soul, the beauty of life all around her.  She knows her worth and knows when to say Yes and when to say No.  She’s seen beneath that need to please others and be responsible for others comfort and happiness – she knows that is keeping her from truly stepping into her joy.

A Queen has given up on trying to be perfect and sanitized.  Her credo is to love herself where she is at every day.

Am I there yet?  No, but it is these longings that led me across the world to start a new life alone in France at 53.  The path led me to the Black Madonna, who has been teaching me spiral by spiral, how to accept myself in my flawed humanity where I am now.  She showed me how much rejection of myself was implied in my constant need to grow, evolve and improve.  Instead of self improvement, I now practice self approvement.

After first being called by the Black Madonna 10 years ago, I have come to know she has the sacred balm for all our wounds.  The Black Madonnas are medieval statues that were mostly found buried in the ground, in caves, streams or tree trunks over parts of Europe.  These statues depict Mother Mary and often baby Jesus – and they are black, much to the consternation of the church!  They are thought to symbolize the Dark Mother, the Earth Mother – Mother of us all!  So even though she is often found in churches, she is more related to the Goddess cults (such as the Goddess Isis, who similarly was depicted with her son Horus on her knee), and the Ancient Mystery Schools that worked with the Earth Mysteries.

She teaches us to relish living in our bodies…living messy, human, imperfect lives, feeling our emotions and being fully awakened sexual beings.  She teaches us how to mother ourselves in those places that feel broken and despairing.  She feels our pain and suffering and can hold it all.  She awakens the energy in our Sacral or Womb chakras and teaches us alchemical transformation and rebirth (symbolized by the baby Jesus) from our wombs, for as we heal and transform, we rebirth ourselves…and a Divine Child is born.  This process in each of us, will rebirth the world.

My work uses energy healing techniques to unite the opposites within you.  The womb brings together all the 4 elements to birth not only babies, but anything and everything.  When you awaken this area, you are able to rebirth yourself firstly, and this in turn rebirths the world.  I use active imagination and energy healing to explore and heal opposite polarities of masculine and feminine forces within you, creating alchemical transformation.  

As an example, we are living in difficult times with the #metoo movement showing just how out of balance the masculine and feminine forces are on the outside out in the world.  That is all true.  And what can create new life within is to look at what that reflects within you in your inner life and work with that further, asking your body for her wisdom, allowing for profound healing and acceptance of all your parts. 

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