Sacred Union Within

Longing to have a fulfilling, loving and equal relationship?

Whether you are in a relationship or not, midlife seems to be a time of re-evaluating relationship.  Many relationships fail at this time, as we become more aware of who we are and clearer about what we want.  Yet as a woman in midlife you may find yourself lonely and longing for a true Beloved, who can truly meet you.

Starting on the Solstice on December 21, 2016 is a portal into very potent new Sacred Union energies coming onto the planet. Those who choose to, can now receive much support to achieving Sacred Union Within and Without. I am performing monthly meditations alongside Lady Nada, an ascended master who assists people with Soulmate unions and Sacred Union within.

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Reclaiming all of yourself

Midlife and Menopause are, I believe, the gateway into an opportunity to become more whole.  It is a time when you become strong enough and have enough life experience to look at the parts of yourself that you have pushed down into the shadow, and start the task of reclaiming and learning to love those parts.  

At a very general level, women in our society are generally told their more powerful parts of not acceptable, so those may be the parts they disown, whereas men tend to disown their more emotional parts.  But of course there are many other parts of ourselves we disown based on what our parents seem to love in us or not.

The Yin and the Yang

Midlife, is the time when you can start to bring into balance the masculine and feminine parts of yourself.  When I talk of masculine and feminine, I am not referring to gender, but to archetypal forces, for instance yin and yang.  Another way of looking at it is yang energy is more like the sun…who directly shines it’s light, so it is more action oriented and focused.  Yin energy, on the other hand, is more like the moon, it is receptive in nature (it reflects the sun’s energy), and is more emotional and internally focused.  Yang energy is more about DOING, and Yin energy is more about BEING.  

Our culture tends to dismiss the more Yin energies, and is overly Yang focused, so it can be a challenge to bring these energies into balance, and as women we have a lot of societal beliefs that need to be unravelled before we can do this.  The ways imbalance can show up include difficult relationships, overthinking and analyzing, feeling disconnected from self causing addictive behaviours, abusing the body, being overly responsible etc etc.

Once you balance these energies within, where neither one dominates the other, you come into what is known as Sacred Union within.  This is a much more peaceful place to live, and in this place you find life generally working the way you want it to! 

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And the best part?

Once you achieve Sacred Union Within, your relationships become what you have always wanted them to be!  Your outer relationships mirror your the state of your inner Sacred Union.  So, if you are looking for Mr/Mrs. Right, it is an inside job.  Or if you are feeling like your relationship is not what you want it to be, this is a sure pointer to where you are imbalanced in your inner Sacred Union.  

And an even better part…

And while it may be lovely to have a deep and thrilling relationship with the Beloved of your dreams, Sacred Union Within is much, much bigger than that.

Most people who heal this imbalance find their Soul Purpose there…because when all of your parts are in agreement, there is no inner war pulling you in different directions, and putting you down.

And speaking of war…

I truly believe that the outer world reflects the inner world.  And this is true at the macro level as well.  The outer world we see reflected to us, one of war and denigration of Mother Earth, is a reflection of the collective war within all humans.  Each person who cleans up the inner war, reflects that reality out into the world and it has a huge impact on everyone, as well as lifting the vibration of the planet.  You will notice people around you being friendlier and more supportive because of the love you are projecting out into the world.  This will lead to peace in the world…one brave human at a time. 

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