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Testimonials of healing with Karen

“All I can say is WOW! This work is LIFE CHANGING! If anyone was clearly perfectly designed to do this work I would say it was Karen. She is kind and gentle yet pushes you at just the right moments. She is sensitive and caring and deeply feels your pain but doesn’t get caught up in your “story”. She has an uncanny ability to tease out the important words that get to the root cause of the belief and she does it with grace, ease, a sense of humor and all with that absolutely delightful accent that you can’t quite pin (South African).You know SHIFT is happening, when your friends say to you, “That is weird, I would have expected you to react to that.” Ultimately that is what you will find for yourself. At some point you will realize that what normally would have triggered you just doesn’t seem to carry the same charge anymore. Why you ask? Cause ACTIONS are based on BELIEFS and when you do the work to change the underlying belief your RE-action changes accordingly.”

Lisa Saslove, MS, RD, from California


“There are healers and intuitives, and then there’s Karen…In June 2014, I began my healings with Karen. By mid August, my life dramatically shifted. I had been very stuck in all major aspects of my life – career, home, relationships, finances – everything seemed a mess.  We worked together very intuitively and openly, and after about 8 or so sessions, I attracted a job in which paying 40% more with a celebrity doctor, and we cleared several other major blockages as well in that time, one being unfinished conversations with an old relationship that had been long holding me back.I am sometimes so in awe of the work Karen does because it seems like it can’t happen that quickly or that “easily” (for lack of a better term).  When the unaware is brought to our consciousness, we can’t “unsee” or forget it. And this creates a complete and total shift, an essential “light bulb” moment, that can finally help you get unstuck. And Karen is a complete and total expert at doing so.

On top of all that, Karen is a very loving and warm person, and I feel extremely safe and comfortable with her. She is so supportive, and I am just so grateful to know her. She has forever been a part of shifting my life for the better.”

Nicole P, from California, who is now in a very loving and supportive relationship <3


When I began working with Karen, I was longing to experience a deeper acceptance of — and vitality within — my body. With Karen’s gently holding, empathic acceptance and skillful guidance, I was able to delve beneath my habitual thought patterns and hone in on some of the deepest, oldest beliefs & assumptions that had been at the core of my inability to embrace and lovingly care for my physical self. (i.e. Beliefs about what it meant to be a loving and generous person, assumptions about the relational dangers of having a self, fears that my needs and feelings would hurt the people I loved.)During our sessions, I found myself increasingly able to express previously forbidden emotions and needs. I am absolutely sure that this was because of Karen’s keen understanding of the themes that so many of us highly sensitive caretakers (at midlife?) tend to grapple with, and her capacity to hold space for deep emotional processing.

Since our sessions, I’ve noticed a growing gentleness towards my body and much greater freedom in my interactions with others. I am deeply grateful to Karen. She has my fullest recommendation as an Energy Healing Practitioner.”

R.A., from California

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Mystery, Magic and Midlife