ThetaHealing™ Four Level Belief Work

ThetaHealing® Four Level Belief Work

Have you ever felt frustrated that no matter how much ‘work’ you do on yourself, the same issues and patterns keep showing up?

If you consider for a moment that about 90% of your beliefs are unconscious, it makes sense that you will keep repeating the same patterns until something changes the energetics of those beliefs.  Our beliefs are actually energy carried in our energetic system, and the unconscious beliefs that you hold about yourself are actually what run your life. Think of your unconscious beliefs as a computer system running in the background, impacting your life in unconscious ways.

What is ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing® is a blend of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics that provides a path to effortless change. It is an Energy Healing technique whereby the Practitioner uses “theta” brain waves to connect to Source and to channel healing energy. ThetaHealing® Four-level Belief work is one branch of ThetaHealing® and is a profoundly powerful modality that can be used to clear beliefs that are keeping you tied to unwanted patterns and habits. An old self limiting belief such as “I am not enough” or “Life has to be a struggle“can be traced quickly to its origins and then transformed to a belief that serves your highest and best use. Once you change these beliefs, your life can and will change.

The Four-level belief work works on 4 levels of beliefs:

  • Core Level Belief.  Those beliefs that form in your childhood in response to events that happen to you. For instance you may have been given messages as a child that it is not okay to shine your light or be in the limelight.
  • Genetic Level Belief. Those beliefs that are carried over from your ancestors and become part of your belief structure. For instance you may have inherited a belief from your parents that money is scarce and difficult to make.
  • History Level Belief.  Those beliefs that come from the collective unconscious, for instance the group consciousness of your culture, ethnicity or gender. For instance, many women have beliefs in our group consciousness that our value comes from being reproductively and sexually ‘useful’, or that we have to please and take care of others.
  • Soul Level Belief. The deepest level of beliefs that have been with you over many lifetimes.  An example of some of these may be that you need fear to motivate you and to evolve.

How does it work?

ThetaHealing® can quickly and accurately pinpoint your roadblocks and lift them.  ThetaHealing® is an energy healing modality that works from the 7th Plane of existence, which is the energy of All That Is.  During a session, your ThetaHealing® Practitioner will go into a Theta Brainwave meditative state.  Theta brainwaves are slower than the brainwave state we live our daily lives in (Alpha and Beta brainwave states), and are the brainwave state we are in just before we go to sleep and when we first wake up in the morning.  Going into this brainwave state allows the Practitioner to access the energy of All That Is, get guidance from that energy, and see patterns and beliefs (programs) that are causing the negative patterns in your life.  These ‘programs’ are then commanded to be replaced with programs that are in your highest and best use.  You will be asked your permission before any program is replaced, and you may also be asked to energy test certain beliefs to see if they are true for you. Energy testing is a very simple and quick procedure to confirm what is true for you, and you will be instructed by your Practitioner how to do it.

What is the process?


ThetaHealing® Four Level Belief work uses a process called digging to get the the bottom key beliefs running your life.  We all have thousands of beliefs, but some of those beliefs are considered key beliefs, and are like the foundation on which a house is built…once you remove the foundation the house falls down.  So the digging process is what facilitates us to get to the bottom beliefs and replace them…and then watch as the house of cards built on top of those beliefs comes tumbling down.

What can I expect?

ThetaHealing® provides instantaneous and permanent change.  Together we will energy test that a belief has gone.  Sometimes it does not go away, and other times it may go and come back later.  This is usually simply an indication that we didn’t get to the bottom, key belief and need to dig further, and so we keep moving down the rabbit hole!  These are all really good clues as to what is in your way!

Sometimes you will see miraculous change right away, other times you will notice subtle changes in how you react to circumstances in the following days and weeks.  It may be a feeling of lightness or spaciousness comes over you.  Perhaps a feeling of peace.  But know that these are not simply temporary changes that will wear off – as you clear out more and more beliefs, you will feel more and more connected to your true essence of joy, peace and love.  You will be able to detach yourself from the patterns and see them for what they are…they will no longer run you.

Sometimes you will get significant relief after only 1 session, but many times a few sessions will be needed to clear a specific belief pattern in your life.  Beliefs are like a web…there are many interconnected beliefs, and the biggest life changing shifts come when you hit a critical mass of beliefs that have been cleared.