“Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Are you a woman in Midlife or beyond (Queen) who is:

  • Wanting more magic, mystery and meaning in your life?
  • Longing for more connection to nature?
  • Yearning for a more sensual life, feeling sexy and juicy in your body?
  • Longing for connection to your wild self, that part of you that is untamed and undomesticated, connected to your instincts and the rest of the earth?
  • Wanting a more fulfilled, loving and equal relationship with a special Beloved who cherishes you, and deeply sees you and hears you?

I found myself in this exact place many years ago, somewhere in the middle of my 15 year mid-life crisis (which you can read more about here). Little by little my whole life had fallen apart, and I had no idea who I was anymore, or what would make me happy.  Happiness all seemed so far away, like a distant dream.  

Becoming the Queen of Myself

What I came to see is that throughout my life I had been so busy trying to fit into what others expected of me, and taking care of others, that I had forgotten who I was.  Little by little, I had suppressed parts of myself until I was living a life that was utterly disconnected from who I was.  I felt like a skeleton, with no flesh on my bones!  

I now can see that life had torn down all the structures I had built to get me to really examine more closely who I was.  I see this midlife passage as a profound gateway into a very powerful 2nd half of life.  This is a time to reconnect with yourself, unplug from society’s ideas of who you should be, and start feeling the rhythms and songs within your soul.  This is a time to reclaim the lost parts of yourself – to balance the masculine and feminine energies inside of you, and really step into YOUR life in a powerful way. It’s about claiming Sovereignty of your life – owning your space and your body…living life on your own terms.  This is about finding that wildly ecstatic song that wants to burst out of your being…this is what it means to become the Queen of Yourself!

Wild Queens…Power redefined. 

This power we step into may not be the power you have seen before.  This is a power not demonstrated by many yet on this planet.  This is not power where one person loses and the other wins…where one dominates the other with force – this is power with heart and soul – collaborative power where we all win!  This is a power borne of leaning into your softness, your vulnerabilities, your gentleness.  This is a power borne when you are down on your knees asking for answers and hearing only silence.  This is a power that gently unfurls herself when the clenched fist of control sinks into surrender…surrender to the great unknown and the wild untamed voice that rises from your bones.

This power is magnetic, sexy and alluring…this is the power of the Wild Queen! 

Photo by Luis Del Río Camacho

What is your Inner Wild Queen calling forward for you now?

And so now I find myself, in my mid fifties, being happier than I ever dreamed possible.  I started getting visions and dreams a few years ago pointing me very specifically to France (down to names of towns that I had never heard of).  And so, I gathered up all the mojo I could find and moved to the South of France to follow the breadcrumbs through the proverbial forest.  This has been the most enchanting, magical and mystical journey I could imagine, and it just keeps blowing my mind…while at the same time challenging me to relax and flow like a river.

This enchanting journey of inner and/or outer pilgrimage is your birthright too.  I am inviting you to work with me to clear away what is in the way of you to live a second half of life that thrills and fulfills you in every way.  

Read more here on how to work with me.

Photo by Geran de Klerk